Dirty little secret: there is no such thing as "The Will of the People." There are only outcomes of collective decision making procedures.

Marxist/Maoist propaganda, 1959: "Hail to the Bumper Harvest." And 1964: "Achieve a Good Harvest Every Year."

Mao's famine would kill approximately of 45 million people.

ca 1920s USSR poster urging people to report others suspected of not fully doing their part by writing their names on a blackboard placed in factories

Marxist propaganda, 1932: "By the end of a five-years plan collectivization should be finished"

Marxist propaganda 1920: 'On the ruins of capitalism, let us walk towards fraternity: farmers and workers are walking towards the peoples from all over the world'

Marxist propaganda 1932: "The victory of socialism in the USSR is guaranteed'"

Marxist propaganda 1930: "Away with private peasants" (bottom) and "The private peasants are most bestial, brutal and savage exploiters, who in the history of other countries have time and again restored the power of the landlords, tsars, priests and capitalists." (top)

"No aspect of slave management was too trivial to be omitted from consideration or debate. Details of housing, diet, medical care, marriage, child-rearing, holidays, incentives and punishments, alternative methods of organizing field labor, the duties of managerial personnel, and even the manner and air assumed by a planter in his relationship with his slaves"

- Robert Fogel on the economics of slavery

"Money, markets and the habit of choice are best weeded out by shaping the social system as a well-run plantation."

- Anthony de Jasay, The State

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