Germany 1923; marks have better use for children's building blocks

Germany 1923; marks have better use for lighting a stove.

"But I’m not guilty,” said K. “there’s been a mistake. How is it even possible for someone to be guilty? We’re all human beings here, one like the other.” “That is true” said the priest “but that is how the guilty speak”

-Kafka, the Trial.

Also how social media and mobs work.

I suspect many people these days either don't believe in or outright deny a freedom of association.

Original Source: U.S. Senate, Labor and Public Welfare Committee Proposals to Extend Coverage of Minimum Wage Protection, Hearings before the Subcommittee on Labor, 85th Congress, 1st session, March 20, 1957, p. 856; and from Congressional Record, Feb. 23, 1966, p. 2692.

Show thread what JFK said here about the min wage:

"Using the Minimum Wage to Hamper Your Rivals"

The censorship lovers won't be content with censorship on select platforms, but will look for ways and insist on canonizing their censorship preferences into law.

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Regarding big tech censorship, the real problem isn't private entities exercising their right of private property ownership.

The problem is when corporate actions simply reflect a more popular opinion of a disrespect for freedom of speech, and where there is a risk that this popular disrespect for free speech finds it's way into political action and the coercive force of the state.

The real problem is large numbers of people viewing free of speech as a threat or systemic or institutional vice.

Absent physical harm, my commercial activity is just that and nothing else. As a consumer, I just want a good product and good service. I don't want a chicken sandwich with a side of politics or a pillow draped in politics. Likewise, if I were selling a pillow or chicken sandwich, I don't care what your beliefs are - I'm endorsing your purchase of my product, not your entire life's goals and system of beliefs.

The general discourse has reached absurdity. Everything is politicized.

"No man can struggle with advantage against the spirit of his age and country, and however powerful a man may be, it is hard for him to make his contemporaries share feelings and ideas which run counter to the general run of their hopes and desires."

Democracy in America

Contrary to some opinions, libertarianism is not all about individuals who are atomized and isolated, but rather it's about the freedom of association.

I think many democrats conflate rising standards of living with rising costs of living.

Everyone owes their state in life to luck in some degree; but we shouldn't mistake this to say that everyone owes their state in life due to mere luck alone. Some will, or may, but others will not.

To say someone deserves something if and only if they in turn deserve credit for having the ability and opportunity to do so (ie, mere luck alone) looks to be an extreme form of skepticism where logic would lead us to conclude that nobody deserves anything.

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