There we go, I have myself a blue check mark on my profile on my server. I'm officially someone to take very seriously.

Also running my own local DNS server. Ended up using unbound. I'm using AdGuard though. Seem to like it better, though NxFilter may be more configurable.

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@jimmie granted, facebook is clunky as well, but not quite as old php clunky :)

...with no decrease in performance or noticeable negative impact.

Verizon offers some very basic parental filters on their routers (for free) and some premium filters (for a fee), but if you have a little technical savvy, NxFilter and/or Pi-Hole look to be as good or better.

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Set up NxFilter as a local DNS filter. Couldn't decide if NxFIlter was better than Pi-Hole, so the kids devices get DNS requests going through NxFilter, then Pi-Hole and using cloudflare as the upstream DNS server.

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